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to get my creative juices flowing!! help plz help
07 August 2011 @ 01:18 pm
ALSO HELLO EVERYONE I'VE MISSED YOU ♥ i blame tumblr's form of blogging that prevents me from posting long entries on lj -________- but i've just been having a lazy summer. school starts in two weeks which is lsadfjowaeijflsjlaskdjf. i recently went camping and had no internet but that was fun. we made s'mores and saw bears! they were cute. uhhhhh what else...i'm planning a surprise party for my friend. she knows i'm planning one she just doesn't know when. LOL.

ugh i have like nothing interesting to type about my life at all :x i guess you guys should just ask me questions or tell me how your summer has been in the comments! woo.

this entry might suck due to the fact that i'm ready to pass out right now hahaha
07 August 2011 @ 01:15 pm
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It’s twenty six years since Voldemort, the Death Eaters and the final battle at Hogwarts. The Wizarding War has become words in a history book and the survivors of the war- only children at the time -have grown up and now have children of their own. A generation that weren’t brought up in times of war like their parents and grandparents before them; a generation who will also tread the floors of Hogwarts and experience the magic of the castle and its inhabitants.

This is their story. Children of survivors. A generation of peace. Growing up, forming bonds, falling in love, getting detention, sneaking out of detention, getting detention again for sneaking out of detention, going to classes, Quidditch matches, exams, inter-house competitions, friendly rivalries, unfriendly rivalries and magic. Lots and lots of magic. Welcome to the start of a new school year!

There are tons of characters still open so come and reserve/audition for your characters now! It's a very fun and friendly environment and you're able to adapt your character to whatever you want. Role-playing is done in paragraph form and tumblr is really not hard to get used to at all! Please do drop by.

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H I'M ALIVE. But yeah. You guys, this has taken over my life, it is the funnest thing ever *____* And it is addicting. You won't be able to stop. So if you're interested in RP or Harry Potter RP or anything related to that YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CHECK IT OUT WOO. It's lots of fun the people are awesome but we are in need of more characters. So yeah :3
06 July 2011 @ 01:27 am
so i've been going over to my neighbor's and swimming a lot. my room is ridiculously hotWAYS and it doesn't help that i have carpet =__= so i've been sleeping downstairs. much cooler. ehehehe.

ANYWAYS I WENT TO ANIME EXPO AND HAD AN AMAZING TIME WITH ALL MY FRIENDS. i got a TON of artwork to put on my wall - a bunch of them pokemon ♥ i haggled quite a bit with the artists and got good deals too~ they cannot resist my derpy shii charm. i will take pictures and post them later! there was a lot of art i wish i got but didn't have time to :( oh well. next year for sure.

TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS ON TUMBLR - i've made a new one specifically for fandom and spazzing and fic ranting so add? it's all new and i have to re-follow my people lol. it's just that my personal tumblr...i don't really have anything personal to post about and i can't really talk to my rl friends about fic. sigh.


yeah so sorry i've been dead btw it's because of the expo but hopefully i will be lurking around a bit more...
24 June 2011 @ 10:58 am
do you guys see my nicholas hoult icon. he is perfect and nothing hurts. nothiiiiiiiiing.

-i finished ano hana. tears. just. infinite amount of tears. i rec this anime to anyone and everyone it is absolutely lovely!
-i got my sleeping patterns back!! i went to my friend's house yesterday which sort of forced me to stay awake during the hours i would be napping. everyone now knows that i am absolutely ridiculous when i'm tired. more ridiculous than i usually am which is hard to do.
-my laptop is still a bitch. definitely going to invest in an external mouse because there are so many perks except this stupid mousepad. i hate. i hate so much.
-yesterday my siblings and i went to california pizza kitchen and we were being ridiculous and laughing and all sorts of silly things. then dessert comes along and we are ABSOLUTELY SILENT as we eat it. and we finished that chocolate souffle in under a minute. our waiter walked by and was like "whoa!!" and aldsjf YES WHOA because after i got out of my daze, i was stunned by how quickly we finished it and the matter in which we finished it. oh lord.
-i keep listening to kate nash. she's wonderful. do you guys have any music recs/links? my itunes is practically empty right now ;^^ (well 1000 songs is empty to me...)

msn: aerohearts@live.com

those two are probably the best ways to reach me right now :)