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as most of you know i've been pretty mia here on lj. i've basically moved on to twitter and tumblr and spent most of my time there as well as being pretty busy with social life. but upon starting my first semester of college, i've decided that i really want a legitimate blog that i can properly type up my feelings on DAILY LIFE and things like a real journal! tumblr is fun but it's mainly for surface fangirling and finding pretty pictures. so...yeah. i also just really wanted to start over which is why i've made a new dreamwidth and livejournal! silkyheart @ dw and senryakus @ lj are my new accounts and they will be linked so basically they'll have the same posts on both of them.

i've made a lot of memories with this account and have made a lot of friends so i'm making it a point not to delete this account! i don't know it makes more sense to just continue on this but for some reason i really want a new one? so i can organize better and stuff. i can't predict the future so i don't really now how active i will be in any fandoms aside from fangirling and stuff, but this WILL BE a personal blog, so if you want to add me, please feel free. i don't want to obligate you into adding me especially since i haven't been around u__u but if you'd still like to be friends/start over, feel free to add!

thank you all, i love you! ♥

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